Susan Boyle

Remember Susan Boyle? That was a pretty brief 15 minutes huh?

Well I for one am glad she made it up to 88 so quickly…I remember feeling seriously disappointed when a friend sent me her now famous Britain’s Got Talent performance.

Thing is, when someone links me an American Idol-type video I’m expecting to see some carnage: I mean I only clicked on it out of morbid curiosity. I want to watch them crash and burn, I want to feel better about myself watching some poor freak like Willie Hung. I definitely DO NOT want to see some uplifting tale of an ugly duckling / diamond in the rough / blah blah blah.

Well I think Susan Boyle’s newfound lack of fame teaches us one thing: pretty people will always win, no matter how much we may pretend otherwise.

Well here you go Susan, your last moments of fame:

Susan Boyle on American Idol (AKA Britain’s Got Talent)

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