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Mouse Pads

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Mouse pads were the best way to show a little personality around the office. You’re in a cubicle with gray walls, a gray chair, a gray desk, and BAM a bright red mousepad with cool race-cars, Marvin the Martian, or maybe the San Francisco 49ers.

Whoever manufactured mouse pads must have been raking in the dough, it was like $10 for a tiny piece of foam and plastic.

But like so many technology icons of the 90′s, mousepads had a very limited time in the sun. Up until around 2004, people needed mousepads. After all, what else was the mouse-ball supposed to drag on?

However, these days everyone and their Grandma has a laser mouse, and no ball means no mouse pad. Except grannie probably still uses that one you got printed for her of your family’s Christmas card.

Calculator mouse pad: stupidest invention ever

This guy probably thought he had the coolest invention ever. How much you want to bet he had a calculator watch in the late 80′s?

The “Dude You’re Getting a Dell” Guy

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Remember the commercials with the kid who always said “Dude you’re getting a Dell”?

Ben Curtis was that lovable stoner from all the Dell commercials in the late 90′s / early 2000′s. It was no small task: Curtis had to be lovable enough to both appeal to kids and get your parents to buy you a “school computer” (that was really only going to be used for Napster and porn).

Unfortunately, the Dell Dude met his end in the worst way possible: he got fired for smoking pot. What bullshit right? I mean they obviously hired him because he was a pothead. They only fired him because he got caught.

What’s the Dell Dude up to now? He’s a bartender in NYC, Dude get me a drink.

Watch a Dell Dude commercial

Dial Up Modem Noise

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009


Did you ever wonder why they made it sound like that? (It was coming out of a speaker after all) It’s like they picked the most annoying sounds possible and played them at random. And at max volume.

Listen to some dial-up modem noise

(Sound clip thanks to Jlew)