Trapper Keepers

Who could forget Trapper Keepers? Let’s face it, in 1992 elementary schools, kids weren’t cool unless they had a Trapper Keeper. And since it was the early 90’s, it had to be a REAL name brand Trapper Keeper, sorry poor kids!

Click here to find out what happens if you feed your Trapper Keeper after midnight

Trapper Keepers that would NOT get you beaten up in 1992:

A super 90's Trapper Keeper

A funky early 90's style Trapper Keeper

A sick futuristic Trapper Keeper

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2 Responses to “Trapper Keepers”

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  2. Maegan says:

    I love this kind of stuff. I have the Trapper Keeper with the cones, except mine has purple trim instead of red. I am in college now and I am about to bring my Trapper Keeper back to school. In 2011. Yes. I was born in ’91 and I have a Trapper from ’92 and another from ’98. Not to mention my British Knights sneakers, my my Michael Jackson LA Gear, and my Zubaz pants. Back to school is going to be awesome this year.