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Air Phones

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Remember “air phones”? These used to be on every plane in the 90’s. They were so 90’s too – they looked like the Zach Morris cell phone. And remember the place to swipe your card? That was almost 80’s…

Well air phones haven’t gone completely “up to 88”, I saw them on a plane last week.

Susan Boyle

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Remember Susan Boyle? That was a pretty brief 15 minutes huh?

Well I for one am glad she made it up to 88 so quickly…I remember feeling seriously disappointed when a friend sent me her now famous Britain’s Got Talent performance.

Thing is, when someone links me an American Idol-type video I’m expecting to see some carnage: I mean I only clicked on it out of morbid curiosity. I want to watch them crash and burn, I want to feel better about myself watching some poor freak like Willie Hung. I definitely DO NOT want to see some uplifting tale of an ugly duckling / diamond in the rough / blah blah blah.

Well I think Susan Boyle’s newfound lack of fame teaches us one thing: pretty people will always win, no matter how much we may pretend otherwise.

Well here you go Susan, your last moments of fame:

Susan Boyle on American Idol (AKA Britain’s Got Talent)

Cuz I’ve Had the Time of My Life – 10 Best P. Swayze Clips

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Miss you so bad P. Swayze. Namaste Bodhi, I hope you’re catching waves up in heaven bra.

1. “Back off warchild” from Point Break (1991)

2. ‘Pain don’t hurt’ – from Roadhouse (1989)

3. ‘She’s Like the Wind’ music video performed by P. Swayze (1987)

4. Fight from Roadhouse (1989)

5. Bodhi learns more Spanish than “Vaya con dios”

6. Bodhi learns how to say “Vaya con dios” in Italian

7. Obligatory Dirty Dancing Scene (1987)

8. Point Break (1991) Trailer

9. Trailer for Ghost (1990)

10. Big bar fight in Roadhouse (1989)

Saying “Phat”

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

How could you forget “phat”, it seems like everyone was saying this in the 90’s: yuppy record executives, kids from the hood, even my parents.

There was also that clothing label Phat Farm which apparently still exists. I see a lot of collared shirts on their website, so I guess they wound up closer to their true demographic: snotty rich kids who want to look tough. (I was one of these :))

Here’s someone who is even more into early 90’s slang than me (not work safe)

L.A. Law

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Remember LA Law? I have distinct memories of LA Law being regarded as progressive for having a mentally handicapped (aka retarded) character on the show. But I think the actor was of normal intelligence, so it wasn’t authentico like Corky.

Definitely up to 88…