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Beverly Hills 90210

Monday, April 26th, 2010

90210 pretty much hit the nail on the head when it came to attending high school in the 90’s. You had Steve the date-rapist, Kelly the slut, Dillon the tweaker, Andrea the nerd, and then a bunch of boring people you’d forget about.

The one thing that always annoyed me was how Aaron Spelling cast his daughter Tori as Donna, the super-nice girl who never did anything wrong. I remember when she finally lost her virginity with David. There were enough tea lights to say “we’re not ‘f*cking’ we’re ‘making love'”.

Peach Pit 4 Life!!!!!

Looking back on 90210, I think the weirdest thing that ever happened was a guest appearance from The Flaming Lips.

In 2008 CBS launched a reboot of 90210, and now the main 90210 entry in Wikipedia points to the new version of the show. What horseshit right? There’s no way a P.O.S. show like that could ever bring this 90’s classic ‘back from 88’.